Fiestas de Cuenca Independence Celebrations in November

“Fiestas de Cuenca” in Ecuador, is one of the city’s largest festivals.  The reason is “Tres de Noviembre” or November 3rd, the Independence celebration Cuenca has to remember breaking away from the Spanish.  November 3rd, 1820, Cuencanos achieved freedom and each major city in Ecuador celebrates its own independence day, plus the national independence celebration of May 24th, 1822.

November is a series of festivals and celebrations in Cuenca, and foods are a large part of the celebrations. The weather is very mild, so there are concerts, dance performances, art fairs, street food, musicians performing on street corners, tents filled with local jewelry, sweaters, woodworking, and décor, and happy families meandered slowly through the activity, often with ice cream or another treat in hand. Parque Calderon, has young people hosting a dance-off and rap performances. Along the river there are vendors of all kinds – arts, clothing, furniture, etc. all along both sides. Parque de la Madre, has throngs of joyful groups enjoying the beautiful day and the excitement of the holiday. Bands performing on large street stages. Here are some interesting images of the food that are unique to the celebrations:

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