Fiestas de Cuenca Independence Celebrations in November

“Fiestas de Cuenca” in Ecuador, is one of the city’s largest festivals.  The reason is “Tres de Noviembre” or November 3rd, the Independence celebration Cuenca has to remember breaking away from the Spanish.  November 3rd, 1820, Cuencanos achieved freedom and each major city in Ecuador celebrates its own independence day, plus the national independence celebration […]

Fitness Blender 10 Minute Ab Workout At Home

If you are constantly having challenges with keeping your weight in check, and you have been using diet pills and exotic diets, it might be time to try doing some fitness exercises. This fitness blender video will give you a 10 minute workout the will get your body in shape in almost no time at […]

Are You Using A Fitness Tracker?

If you aren't using a fitness tracker, do you know what they are and what they do? It's coming close to the end of the year and after that is January. You know what that means? Right, losing all those pounds that you built up over the holidays as well as the previous 11 months. […]

Avoid Alzheimer’s with Turmeric Muffins

Did you know that turmeric contains natural compounds which have been found to address the effects of Alzheimer's disease? This muffin recipe contains turmeric, giving the muffins a sharp, earthy spice with a slight tang of ginger, giving the muffins a reminder of an Indian curry. The thing you will notice with turmeric, is the […]

Green Smoothie Basics

There is a reason that greens smoothies are so popular with active, healthy people. They are quick to make and they pack a punch of energy and nutrition. Other benefits include helping our digestive system do its work. Be sure to check out the full article on “How to make a green smoothie”to get all […]

Facts About Gluten Free Foods

This video gives you more facts about gluten free foods than you ever thought were possible. Gluten sensitivity can begin as early as a few months after birth if a baby is given certain food containing gluten. This can have a life-long affect on the child's health, not only with their digestive system, but other […]
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