How Can Eating Broccoli Help Autisim?

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, was a fan of broccoli, importing the seeds from Italy to plant at Monticello. He recorded planting the vegetable there as early as May of 1767. Did he know something that we don't, or we have all forgotten? Our mothers maybe didn't forget – […]

Do Artificial Sweeteners Contribute To Obesity and Diabetes?

The majority of the population are interested in watching their weight, and some people rely on diet drinks and foods to reduce their caloric intake. These artificial sweeteners may be doing more damage than the good they are advertised to do. They may trick the mind into thinking it has satisfied a craving for a […]

Color Full Smoothies/Juices

Besides looking wonderful, color is important because it signals that fruits and vegetables have certain benefits for our bodies. Colors also have certain frequencies that harmonize with our bodies and can help restore the natural biological rhythm of our organs and glands. When we like certain colors, those colors can perk up our digestive system […]

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium & Vitamin D

Before you look, try to list three non-dairy food sources of calcium and vitamin D. Can you list three benefits of adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D in your diet? Did you know that calcium and vitamin D work together to make you less likely to break a bone or get osteoporosis, a disease […]

Coconut Oil Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Whether you are from the tropics or from northern Alaska, you can get coconut oil in a jar from store. You don't need to have your own palm tree in your front yard. Here are a few coconut oil benefits you can use everyday. It wasn't that long ago people thought that coconut oil was […]

Questions About Vaccinations

Here's the headline: “Revelation of Hight-Level Cover-Up Will Blow Lid Off of Vaccine Fraud”. Do you have young children? Do you have questions about vaccinations? Are they safe? The following article raises some interesting questions about whether vaccines are linked to certain health conditions in children. We have all heard about pharmaceutical formulations that have […]

8 Liver Conditioners For A Healthy Body

Your liver is your life. It filters all the garbage out of the stuff we eat, however it needs a little help to keep it going. Here are some foods that will assist your liver and your life. And in case you are not aware of the connection between your liver to your gall bladder, […]

Nitric Oxide Energy Boost

What are you talking about? Isn't nitric oxide something the dentist uses as an anesthetic? Wrong! Then it's something they inject into dragster engines. Nope!   Nitric Oxide is what fuels our cells and gives us energy. When we are young, we have lots of nitric oxide, but as we age, our bodies lose the […]

Science Proves Dark Chocolate Improves Circulation

Here's the proof: Eating dark chocolate improves circulation in your arms and legs. Next time you plan on walking, hiking, or climbing make sure that you have a chunk of dark chocolate before you start. Of course, it is probably best to eat dark chocolate on a regular basis to improve your blood circulation overall. […]
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